Aims and Objectives


In accordance with its legal responsibilities as a Will Trust, the Daisie Rich Trust complies with the wishes of Miss Daisie Rich to make grants to former employees of Upward and Rich Limited and to provide benefit to Isle of Wight residents through grants and donations to individuals, charitable trusts and organisations with charitable aims.


The Daisie Rich Trust accepts applications for donations from charitable organisations and individuals for specific purposes and projects, in each of the following five sectors:

  • Youth
  • Health
  • Welfare
  • Services to the Community
  • Arts, Culture and Environment

Each application is considered on its own merits and the amounts granted vary.  It is the Trust’s intention to add lasting, measurable value to its recipients, with a view to them achieving long-term self-sufficiency.  It also aims to maintain funding continuity to its longstanding recipients, when appropriate.  Investments and grants are under continual review by the Trustees when legal, social, environmental and ethical considerations are taken into account.  Feedback is sought in order to monitor and measure the successful outcomes of any donation.